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Don’t Judge a (Face)book by it’s Cover


     What’s the first thing you do when you add someone on Facebook? You go through everything they have. Don’t lie,we all do it. What kind of embarrassing photos do they have? Who are they dating? What friends do we have in common? Do they prefer Pepsi or Coke? After all that then one can make stupid judgments on them.

     Although social media brings people together it also tears them apart. I think the best example is showcased around election time. I am guilty of posting pro- my views stories on Facebook as much as the next person so I can’t really knock anyone for doing the same. What I did find however is that I was beginning to look at my “friends” and friends differently.

     Those I am close to in reality a lot of the time had views that opposed mine I didn’t even know existed. Even more remarkable than that is the fact that we interacted quite frequently and rarely if ever the disagreements came up in conversation. 

I have an eclectic group of friends. Hippies.  Metal heads. Gays. Straights.Crookeds. Neo nazis. Republican. Democrat. And everything in between. I may not agree with everything they stand for or against but if I judged them on their beliefs what kind of person would that make me? What it boils down to is respecting differences.

                Even if we think we know someone upon meeting them you really don’t know them until you LISTEN to them. In life and on Facebook, I’ve found that rather than making comments and discouraging those around you listening to other people’s stories and views is far more enlightening than shoving beliefs at them.

                After you check out everyone else’s deep, dark secrets of Facebook look at your own. Going back to the beginning of my page brought back plenty of good memories, embarrassing photos, and trying to figure out who I was dating when I was “in a relationship” was quite a struggle. Figuring out why I dated some of them was even more difficult. Hindsight is 20/20 so go easy on yourself when strolling through your memory lane!