Monthly Archives: October 2012

Not literally but…


     So December 21st. Who else is afraid of the world to “end”? I’m actually pretty excited. I don’t believe in the literal sense of a huge explosion or the world falling in to a black hole… but I do think that very soon the way of life we’ve become accustomed to is about to end. 

     Our country is much in it’s infancy. Most other places have gone through several revivals, highs, and lows. To be honest we are way overdue for such a change.Voter ID laws bring up a certain nostalgia for me… like poll taxes and lynchings. Remember to vote in November. Educate yourself on the issues and be aware of the changes to come.

     I think the middle class (myself included) will be ok after the social changes take effect. We know how to do without, substitute, and clean our own houses. It’s the elitist, super rich I’m worried about. Every dog has their day I guess…