Oh! Mon Frere!


Mon Frere


            Call them amigos, pals, allies, or friends: we all have them. By definition, a friend is someone you hold emotionally close. There are three basic types of these companions. Types include the best friend, the acquaintance , and the “can I borrow money and/or have a ride somewhere” friend. All types are common and are easily identifiable but are important in varying degrees.

            The most enjoyable type of friend is the best friend. Best friends always listens to you no matter how ridiculous the situation. For example, the best friend refrains from saying “I told you so” after a tumultuous relationship with a significant other. The best friend sings awesomely bad music from artists such as The Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys without hesitation through the most populated of city streets and points to cars at red lights to serenade them. This type of friend keeps secrets safe, makes fun of you when you say something dumb, and always knows how to cheer you up. Whether it be a favorite movie, beverage, or ex-boyfriend to make fun of the best friend knows appropriate times to unleash these poor mood busters.

            High school classmates, former co-workers, and friends of best friends fall in to the category of acquaintance. Social interaction with acquaintances include and are usually limited to an occasional Facebook comment, a smile and wave in public and the recanting of the one time you spent time together with a group of friends. The acquaintance is a good outsider to listen to the occasional very broad problem but does not know you like the best friend. Acquaintances may also be best friends that have grown apart from you ,in one way or another, but no hard feelings exist.

            Perhaps the most undesirable type of friend is the ‘”can I borrow money and/or have a ride somewhere” pal. This friend is most likely a former best friend who really ticked you off in some manner or another and tries to talk to you at any cost. The “can I/will you” is only after your attention to gain something that you have such as money, a dependable car, or good advice and they do not care about what is going on in your life.

Other dead giveaways include text messages or phone calls saying “I really need you to help me”  or “I do not know what I am going to do.” After the conversation is not all about them, they will abruptly make an excuse to end the talk.

            The three varying types of friends are all easily identifiable and can affect your life adversely if you let them, for better or worse. Best friends are the hardest to find and the most difficult to lose. Acquaintances are good for an unbiased opinion and the last type is the most aggravating.


About Trish Reznick

Writer. Pessimistic optimist. News junkie. I write real estate advertising pieces, but my heart's in music journalism. To make the real estate biz more exciting I put music references in to a good percentage of my writings. I guess you could call me a liberal. I have an extensive record collection and I prefer them over MP3s any day... unless that particular day I plan on leaving my apartment. Considering I'm an extrovert, that is quite frequently. I'm a scorpio...which is a nice way of saying I have intense mood swings... I thought that was just called being a chick.

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