Can you Dig it?


There’s a certain point where it’s not worth fighting anymore. It’s not admitting defeat, it’s admitting the reality that is. I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with, but once you get to know me you can’t help but like me.

Everyone has at least one person they can’t get through to. Sometimes it’s not a matter of who is wrong and who is right, it’s just that personalities clash.

A lot of it has to do with communication. A few semesters back a writing prompt was assigned to describe a time when communication actually worked as intended.

It’s a task easier said than done, especially with the dawn of texting and instant messaging. I know at least one thousand of my texts have been misunderstood due to my dry sense of humor. A friendly “ I hate you” is translated to “I am not joking I really hate you very easily.”

I find myself over using text lingo to save myself, but it takes away from my personality. Anyone who knows me, knows how to make excuses to me. I thrive on irony. I can cut you down to size with a smile because I know how great you really are.

I harass my friends constantly. They know I would take a bullet for them (well not really but you get the point).

If anything, technology drives humans apart. The written language is slowly dying to “LOL” and “where r u”?

I get that texting is supposed to be quick, but that does not mean it has to be almost illegible or completely bastardizing the English language.

I admit olde English writing is annoying. Ye this ye that, who gives a … well you get the point. Robert Burns has a place in any literature book to show how far we have come as a society, but I am not particularly fond of him. I can appreciate the way almost anyone conducts themselves as long as they try and understand how I am.

Some of my friends are burnouts, atheists, agnostics, catholics, overachievers, and even Neo-Nazis. Do I agree with all of their convictions…not exactly but anyone with a half open mind is alright in my book. I am also not sure what or where my book is but, again, you get the point.

The same goes for music. I can dig the way another person expresses themselves but that doesn’t mean I have to buy their music. I rock to Motley Crue and Slipknot, ball with Lil’ Wayne and Tupac, chill with Bob Marley and mellow with The Grateful Dead. I get the blues with Janis and rhythm when I get the blues with Johnny Cash.

You can respect something but not necessarily like it. I can’t get down with Justin Timberlake… ok well if I drink enough I can, but that’s another story. I don’t care for the particulars of most country music but I can sympathize with the sorrow they express.

I’ve been known to mend a broken heart with Jack Daniels and Patsy Cline. Music is a lot like people are, it all has a purpose and somehow it all just flows together.


About Trish Reznick

Writer. Pessimistic optimist. News junkie. I write real estate advertising pieces, but my heart's in music journalism. To make the real estate biz more exciting I put music references in to a good percentage of my writings. I guess you could call me a liberal. I have an extensive record collection and I prefer them over MP3s any day... unless that particular day I plan on leaving my apartment. Considering I'm an extrovert, that is quite frequently. I'm a scorpio...which is a nice way of saying I have intense mood swings... I thought that was just called being a chick.

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