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4285 Little Gap Road


Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond

            This four bedroom, five bathroom home is one of the most versatile around! Listed by Bob Sooy of Action Real Estate for $275,000 this structure is fully furnished on one acre of property and is ready to have another family to love it.

            Zoned as residential and/or commercial this home is located just outside of Palmerton in the tiny village of Little Gap, this home is only a short jaunt to historical Jim Thorpe and Penn’s Peak concert venue that’s sure to put rhythm in any blues you may have. Blue Mountain Ski Resort is only about one mile away, along with everything they have to offer year round! Whether you decide to cash in and use the home as a bed and breakfast or keep all 2,400 square feet of space for yourself, this 1825 beauty has all the modern flairs to make this your new home sweet home.

            Although this home already has a 200 plus year history, the foundation has been reinforced along with the creek side wall in the backyard. There’s no reason you, your family and future generations can’t continue to make history in it for another 200 years either continuing as a bed and breakfast or family home. It also has 200 amp wiring and is heated by natural gas.

            As if that is not enticing enough you haven’t even entered the front door. You can either park across the road in your own lot, or in the oversized one-stall garage. No matter where you decide to park you will instantly fall in love with its front, side and back porches that have quintessential country charm that continues throughout the interior.

            Upon entering through the front door, you’re greeted by a familiar smell that mimics that of a Sunday morning at grandma’s house, a fully operational potbelly stove and the 29×17 formal living room. A half bath is located just off of the living room, and continuing past that is the 16×12 kitchen that has enough space to harbor a table, chairs, dishwasher, and still has room to cook! Continuing on is an oversized16x9 pantry that has a door leading out to the quiet, quaint and classically decorated back porch that has a creek side view. Past the kitchen is the 27×15 formal dining room with plush cranberry colored carpeting and plenty of windows.

            Heading upstairs and to the right is the 13×10 Beau Monde bedroom that has a cheery color scheme and brightly decorated 15×8 full private bathroom. Straight ahead of the stairs is the “Country Quilt” bedroom that has accoutrements that embody its namesake. A rocking chair along with other knickknacks make this room cozy without being overdone. A full private bath is also just off of this bedroom. Saving the best room on this level for last is the 16×14 Roth Suite. This room has a cedar wardrobe (minus a lion and a witch) , windows that overlook the creek and a covered bridge in the near distance and a private bathroom is nearby. Oh, and there’s a Jacuzzi in the corner of the bedroom that is perfect for a romantic rendezvous or relaxing after a hectic workday. What more could you possibly want or need?

            Headed to the top level of the home is the Southwest Room that is perfect for the bed and breakfast owner or any other occupant due to its space and seclusion.  The 20×14 room has a lovely side nook that could serve as a library or additional lounging space. Naturally there is a private full bathroom on this level, and of course is immaculately decorated. This iconic home has been a fixture in Little Gap for centuries and needs a loving family to keep it that way!




A boring English Assignment…Made Interesting


A Reality Show Star is like the Bearded Lady in a Freak Show

            At some point we have seen the drunken reality star antics displayed on Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and The Bad Girls Club. Whether we like to admit it ,or not, the shows are a guilty pleasure of young, old, and every demographic imaginable. The adage “happy news doesn’t sell” is completely personified in these shows, by bar fights, scantily-clad females, and characters who can best be described as train wrecks. Sideshow performers, namely the bearded ladies, also catch attention for the same reasons. All things considered, a reality show star is like the bearded lady in a freak show.

            While the resemblances are much easier to see, there are a few obvious differences. In order to be a reality show, you do not need to have a beard, or be a bearded lady for that matter. Reality stars make more money than bearded ladies because they have more outlets for their “talents,“ whereas a bearded lady is usually confined to the stage.

            Differences aside, the similarities between these two subjects are staggering. These two types of people are always under public scrutiny and in the middle of an actual or figurative spotlight. When there is something that distinguishes a person as being “different,” everyone’s attention is focused on them .For the bearded lady, a literal spotlight is on them while performing on stage, after the show, people’s attention is still constantly drawn to them. Reality stars and their escapades get leaked to every National Enquirer-esque magazine, and no move they make goes unnoticed. Countless reality television shows are dedicated to the ridiculous nature of people. With constant flash bulbs, paparazzo follow a reality star’s every action; whether it be a trip to the mall or getting arrested for being drunk on a beach in New Jersey.

            Both bearded ladies, and reality show stars are intriguing due to the novelty of their nature. Someone else’s misfortune is always interesting, because it makes us seem more desirable, and more normal than them. Bearded ladies are amusing because they take social norms of women not having beards and smash it to pieces. Think of it as The Jerry Springer Show’s appeal; when one views the program the urge to suddenly feel better about personal life decisions is nearly impossible. Snooki finds herself getting sucker-punched in a bar on Jersey Shore. Maury has a woman trying to find her “baby daddy” for the sixth-time. With any of these instances, one can not help but stare and wait for the antics to peak for our personal enjoyment.

            The lifestyles of the bearded lady, and reality stars both involve traveling, demanding work schedules, and untraditional means of getting a paycheck. Additionally, both types of entertainers surround themselves with like-minded people. A circus performer travels from city to town, and back again to promote themselves in a group of taboo people. They do not  have normal nine-to-five jobs, and work late in to the night. Those who star in reality shows travel to promote whatever their talent is, go to parties, and hang around with their co-stars who do the same. A bearded lady is most comfortable with her circus freak show co-workers, and a hot mess reality star is most at home with their cast mates.

            Neither the bearded lady, nor reality stars are ever taken seriously for the very same reasons. When people look, or act outside of what we deem as appropriate, they are immediately written off as unintelligent. In this case, the novelty effect pushes them farther away from society, and a stigma is placed upon them.  The bearded lady fits in with her circus freak show counterparts, but does not function well when placed individually within society.  A bearded lady could never really get a traditional job, because they capitalize upon only one facet of their being. The cast mates of Jersey Shore only showcase the fact that they go to the gym, go tanning, do laundry, and they are reckless drunks. A  bearded lady, or Snooki, for that matter be accepted as a school teacher, doctor, or even a custodian. Both reality stars and bearded ladies chose a way to get a paycheck that limits their options if they decide to leave their current career,

            In summation, the similarities between a bearded lady and a reality star outnumber the differences between them. A reality star can not be taken seriously, because they have ostracized themselves from what we see as a functional person, and neither can a bearded lady. To feel comfortable with their actions, both subjects surround themselves with other “freak show performers,” and they both use taboo actions to gain attention. We look at these people not as intelligent human beings, but as their orange-tanned, part-going alter egos, or as a woman who defies the facial hairless standards of females. Whether it is a traveling circus, or publicity tour reality stars and bearded ladies put themselves on display all over the world and open themselves up for public scrutiny. What one can gather from these conclusions is both subjects are not so different at all, and bearded ladies may not seem as taboo as their stigma; they just do not make as much money.

You Think You Know…but You Have No Idea


You think you know… but You Have No Idea.

                This is the diary of a poor college student. True Life: I Got screwed out of financial aid. These are the documentaries MTV should be making. Does it adversely affect my life when Kim Kardashian puts out another sex tape? Not particularly, but it is entertaining. We look to the mishaps of celebrities to make us feel better about our lives.

                When I see the “real” housewives spending more on a car than my associate’s degree costs, I get a bit sad. When their kids complain about having to get a job, I can’t help but want to toss my television out of the window, but I can’t. If I break something I have to buy it or live without it. That, and my television is a 100-lb behemoth and I would probably re-break my back if I attempted to throw it out the window…but maybe it would fill in the giant potholes in my driveway. Anyway, you get the point. I don’t have a flat panel or anything too extravagant, but I go to school in hopes that my higher education will begat a higher paycheck.

                I tend to write about being a poor college kid a lot, because it’s what I know. I don’t know how to be an extravagant millionaire but I bet I’d be just darling at it. And because I had that much money I could say things like “darling” with a fur coat on and cigarette holder a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my hand (they are about $34 online in case you’re wondering.) If I ever got to that point, I only ask that someone slaps the hell out of me. I would like to use a word more severe than hell but this is a family-oriented blog!

                All I want to do is have some fun, and I got a feeling I’m not the only one. Props to Sheryl Crow, because I think that is all everyone wants to do but until you pay your dues that is  just a dream in the near future (unless you go to be a doctor or marry rich.) Well, I don’t have the patients to be a doctor (yes I spelled it that way intentionally), and I only plan on getting married if my life is threatened or something out of Beetlejuice is happening. I have to pay my dues.  That means college. That means pending the equivalent of two weeks of my pay on books for one semester. That means selling back my $150 physics book back for 1/3 the cost if I am lucky. By the way if anyone needs a physics book let me know I won’t charge you $150 and we can barter!

                I am not the sharpest of students when it comes to certain subjects (math…physics…ect) but I know what I would like to do for the rest of my days or until it stops being fun and that is writing. Two years and almost $10,000 later I got off cheap. Compared to other local schools I went to the bargain bin of college and probably got a better education. Community college professors do not make a lot of money. More than I make but still not a lot. What can we draw from this? Oh, they actually want to be there to teach because they sure as hell aren’t doing it for the money. Which means for the students, they get a better education from a community college than from, let’s say, Penn State and the community college credits transfer almost anywhere.

                I am 20 and in debt. $6,000 in debt. Gasp! It must be from credit cards! Well, I did have some credit card debt, but it was for my $400 in textbooks, but that is paid off. Not to brag, but I’m going to do it anyway, I had a 3.9 last semester and I live by myself. I work a full time job and a part time (career) job to pay for gas to take me to class so I can get a better career job full-time that does pay my bills. I do, occasionally, have a life though. Those wild nights usually end by 10:30p.m which is earlier than I go to bed when I have studying to do.  

Thanks to the federal government I will probably get little to no grant money for school. Why? Oh, my parents make too much money. Yes, that is there money they earned. They should not have to pay for me to get a higher education.  I don’t want a handout but I thought the government was there to help.  Here’s where the feds say I went wrong: I decided to go to college straight after high school. I am not married. I am not pregnant (thank god!) and I did not already have a child (no 16 and pregnant here.) If you are under 25, unmarried, and without spawn you generally get little to nothing if you’re parents are( gasp!) middle class. Myself and my parents pay a higher percentage of taxes than well, a Kim Kardashian type.

Reality stars whine more than most people I know. I just got mad because I ran out of s’mores  Poptarts (store brand but still phenomenal)! I have become used to having them for more than breakfast: 1. Because I am not a morning person and nothing in the wee hours of the day make me happy and 2. They are cheap and easy (again I’d like to make an inappropriate joke here but I can’t.) In the grand scheme of things what can I or anyone else in my situation do? Either party for seven years after high school then start college or stick it out and hope for the best. I’ll go with the latter.

Oh! Mon Frere!


Mon Frere


            Call them amigos, pals, allies, or friends: we all have them. By definition, a friend is someone you hold emotionally close. There are three basic types of these companions. Types include the best friend, the acquaintance , and the “can I borrow money and/or have a ride somewhere” friend. All types are common and are easily identifiable but are important in varying degrees.

            The most enjoyable type of friend is the best friend. Best friends always listens to you no matter how ridiculous the situation. For example, the best friend refrains from saying “I told you so” after a tumultuous relationship with a significant other. The best friend sings awesomely bad music from artists such as The Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys without hesitation through the most populated of city streets and points to cars at red lights to serenade them. This type of friend keeps secrets safe, makes fun of you when you say something dumb, and always knows how to cheer you up. Whether it be a favorite movie, beverage, or ex-boyfriend to make fun of the best friend knows appropriate times to unleash these poor mood busters.

            High school classmates, former co-workers, and friends of best friends fall in to the category of acquaintance. Social interaction with acquaintances include and are usually limited to an occasional Facebook comment, a smile and wave in public and the recanting of the one time you spent time together with a group of friends. The acquaintance is a good outsider to listen to the occasional very broad problem but does not know you like the best friend. Acquaintances may also be best friends that have grown apart from you ,in one way or another, but no hard feelings exist.

            Perhaps the most undesirable type of friend is the ‘”can I borrow money and/or have a ride somewhere” pal. This friend is most likely a former best friend who really ticked you off in some manner or another and tries to talk to you at any cost. The “can I/will you” is only after your attention to gain something that you have such as money, a dependable car, or good advice and they do not care about what is going on in your life.

Other dead giveaways include text messages or phone calls saying “I really need you to help me”  or “I do not know what I am going to do.” After the conversation is not all about them, they will abruptly make an excuse to end the talk.

            The three varying types of friends are all easily identifiable and can affect your life adversely if you let them, for better or worse. Best friends are the hardest to find and the most difficult to lose. Acquaintances are good for an unbiased opinion and the last type is the most aggravating.

Can you Dig it?


There’s a certain point where it’s not worth fighting anymore. It’s not admitting defeat, it’s admitting the reality that is. I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with, but once you get to know me you can’t help but like me.

Everyone has at least one person they can’t get through to. Sometimes it’s not a matter of who is wrong and who is right, it’s just that personalities clash.

A lot of it has to do with communication. A few semesters back a writing prompt was assigned to describe a time when communication actually worked as intended.

It’s a task easier said than done, especially with the dawn of texting and instant messaging. I know at least one thousand of my texts have been misunderstood due to my dry sense of humor. A friendly “ I hate you” is translated to “I am not joking I really hate you very easily.”

I find myself over using text lingo to save myself, but it takes away from my personality. Anyone who knows me, knows how to make excuses to me. I thrive on irony. I can cut you down to size with a smile because I know how great you really are.

I harass my friends constantly. They know I would take a bullet for them (well not really but you get the point).

If anything, technology drives humans apart. The written language is slowly dying to “LOL” and “where r u”?

I get that texting is supposed to be quick, but that does not mean it has to be almost illegible or completely bastardizing the English language.

I admit olde English writing is annoying. Ye this ye that, who gives a … well you get the point. Robert Burns has a place in any literature book to show how far we have come as a society, but I am not particularly fond of him. I can appreciate the way almost anyone conducts themselves as long as they try and understand how I am.

Some of my friends are burnouts, atheists, agnostics, catholics, overachievers, and even Neo-Nazis. Do I agree with all of their convictions…not exactly but anyone with a half open mind is alright in my book. I am also not sure what or where my book is but, again, you get the point.

The same goes for music. I can dig the way another person expresses themselves but that doesn’t mean I have to buy their music. I rock to Motley Crue and Slipknot, ball with Lil’ Wayne and Tupac, chill with Bob Marley and mellow with The Grateful Dead. I get the blues with Janis and rhythm when I get the blues with Johnny Cash.

You can respect something but not necessarily like it. I can’t get down with Justin Timberlake… ok well if I drink enough I can, but that’s another story. I don’t care for the particulars of most country music but I can sympathize with the sorrow they express.

I’ve been known to mend a broken heart with Jack Daniels and Patsy Cline. Music is a lot like people are, it all has a purpose and somehow it all just flows together.

Email to my Writing About Literature Professor


The assignment was to write at least a paragraph on what you decided to write a six-page research paper on. It is too nice to go to class so this is what I sent:

Trish Reznick

Professor Walker

Eng 104

3 April 2012



“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”

“If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.”

“If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy.”

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.”


                Even by today’s standards these quotes are a bit risqué. Think back to the 1950’s and they would resonate a lot more, but to be honest these were uttered by Dorothy Parker in the 1920’s. Obviously she lived by her own rules, but how and why did she feel this way? By looking at some of her written work, and also her biographical notes I will try and make excuses for Parker and her sometimes purely awful sense of humor. I feel it is necessary for me to do this because, my parents and friends have been doing the same for me for many years.

                If I can find a reliable source, I will try and find out just how Parker feels about life, love, and writing using direct quotes. I think the best way  to go about this is to read her works firsthand, and since she is highly entertaining, I won’t mind at all.