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It’s No Secret this Victorian Home is Perfect


It’s no secret this Victorian Home is Perfect

Although it won’t cook you breakfast and fold your laundry this mother/daughter home is so cozy, it’ll feel just like mom’s comfort. Listed by Lois Zoldi of Benjamin Real Estate for $158,900 this home is perfect for any homeowner.

Whether you are helping the kids who are just starting out, or renting out the second unit of this home you’ll be sure to enjoy all the amenities of this home for generations to come. The wood patio brings the two households together, and the pool is a great common area for all to enjoy. A fenced in yard offers safety and security for the kids and pets alike.

Built in 1840, this home has 200 amp wiring, two ductless air conditioners, and even a fireplace to make the long winters bearable. With 3,738 square feet of living space, harmonious living is a breeze.

After parking in the 3+ car garage, you’ll walk through the beautifully landscaped yard and 18×38 foot pool area. Entering through the side door will bring you to the 18.6×11.6 kitchen, that is big enough to boast about and still host an eating area if you wish. For formal dining, the 24.9×10 dining room is perfect for any get together.

To your right is the 18×16.6 living room and yet another entrance with a great little   space that is perfect for an office. The living room boasts a stone faced fireplace along with great overhead lighting that is found in every room of the house. Continuing upstairs you’ll be happy to find four bedrooms, and a ¾ bathroom. The bedrooms are all generously sized, and one is custom built for sleepovers and storage for when it’s not in use. To your right, this bedroom has a walk-in closet covered in full-length mirrors and has a modern overhead light. The bedrooms measure 10.6×18.6,9×13, and12.6×15 respectively. No matter what bedroom you choose to enjoy peaceful slumber in, you will have plenty of room for everything you need.

There is also a 8×4.6 bathroom on this level. Laundry is located in the basement of this home. If you decide not to rent out the other unit of the home you can easily convert it in to one big happy home for your family’s own enjoyment! After walking across the patio door, just off of the living room, you can take time to smell the flowers and sit on one of the built-in benches, or head over to the second part of the house.

You will be greeted by the 9×26.6 living room to your right and the 11.6×11.6 dining room is ready for family dinners. The kitchen is complete with a breakfast bar and plenty of windows to offer sunshine in to your home.

Making a right out of the kitchen brings you to the laundry room and ¾ bathroom. Conveniently, the living room is right around the corner so laundry and entertaining are nice and close so you don’t miss a thing! Heading upstairs, there’s a neat octagonal window to illuminate the way to this part of the home.

Straight ahead is an 8×10 bedroom, to your left is a full bathroom and the two remaining bedrooms, measuring 9×11 and 16×15.

Whether you like working in the garage, sitting poolside, or having plenty of space this home is for you!



Don’t Get March Madness with this Contemporary Chalet


Don’t get March Madness get Glad with this contemporary Chalet

            Even if your bracket didn’t win you the big bucks or bragging rights you can still be the proud new owner of this spectacular home. Listed by Rick Bernstein of Century 21 Bernstein for $292,000 this home has the best of both worlds with a contemporary chalet style that will bring you happiness and harmony for many years to come.

            Located within the Eagle Rock community, this home has plenty of space and a bird’s eye view of the 15th hole of the golf course you have access to with three rounds of your green’s fees per month paid for you by just owning this home. The course was co-designed by Arnold Palmer and Double Diamond and boasts a four star rating by Golf Digest. When you are not enjoying a day on the course you can enjoy a nice lemonade iced tea and watch the other duffers play. In the winter, you can have a blast at the mile long terrain park with 16 rails, a 1,000 foot long super half pipe, a new tubing park and even though it’s not Easter yet, you can still use the bunny slopes.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. From interstate 81 take the Hazleton/924 exit to 924 south and turn right in to the prestigious Eagle Rock main entrance. After checking in at the guard house, Crooked Stick Lane is at the second right, and the home at 111 Crooked Stick Lane is also on your right. Although it seems small from the outside, this home packs  3,008 square feet of living space with a full finished basement and a panoramic view of the sights and subtle sounds that surround your new home.

            If you decide to park in front of the garage, you’ll enter through the kitchen door! After taking off your (golf) shoes, or snow gear, you can’t help but be drawn to the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances which are all part of the Whirlpool Gold series. Recessed lighting illuminates the way, without getting in the way. The 16×13 kitchen also has a lazy Susan and a breakfast bar for those hectic mornings. Continuing on is the 22×18 living room, which you are sure to be frequently entertaining in complete with a gas insert fireplace.13 variously shaped windows, not including the glass window in the door leading out to the front porch, create an almost too perfect Norman Rockwell-esque view.

            Two out of four bedrooms are on this level and they measure 12×11.3 and 12×11 respectively. One of three bathrooms is also on this level, and it has a spacious 12×5 area to pamper yourself in. Before heading upstairs, you will want to see the basement of the home. 

            After descending the stairs, you are in the middle of the 22×18 family/recreation room. Straight ahead there is pristine tile flooring, to your right is a door leading you outside and behind you is lush carpeting, among other things you’ll find pleasant. Another 11×8 bathroom that harbors the laundry area is to your left, and continuing on that path brings you to yet another 19×11.5 bedroom or office. There’s even storage under the stairs!

            The real gem of the house is in the upstairs portion. A hardwood banister guides the way to the open loft style master bedroom and bathroom accompaniment. The 18.6×13.6 master bedroom is alongside the 13.7×8.6 master bathroom with custom cabinets and a jetted tub to relax in after work, entertaining, or lounging on the porch. A walk-in closet, ceiling fan, and again, crisp paint and carpeting makes this area perfect. You won’t get bored of the tile patterns either, three different styles are showcased within the home.

            Photos are worth a thousand words, but they don’t say enough about the home.

            For more information contact Rick Bernstein directly at 570-956-5823 or drop by the Century 21 Bernstein office located on Route 93 in Conyngham.




A Rant of Reality


Once upon a time, there was a charismatic president of the United States, and people disliked him because of his skin color and “liberal ways.” his Congress of fools voted mercilessly against his policies regardless of how good they were.

“You’re a socialist” they would exclaim. A GOP candidate even told him “No one ever died from not having healthcare.” Fortunately, I have a good insurance plan under Obamacare; if not I’d be a goner. As for Socialism, it ain’t all bad; it’s selfless nature if you ask me.
But what can we really do except sit back and watch the show. As the intensity grows we’ll just pop another bag.

A rally for “the 99%” now had a muddled message, but even when it was clear as crystal, nothing changed. S&P is down, while oil prices and corporate greed are at an all time high. A new law was passed to forgive student loans, but why don’t we just “nip the problem in the bud.” A book is more than my paycheck and I don’t even enjoy it. What can we do except watch it all fall down, keeping our heads above water trying not to drown.

If 2012 is the end, we could be better off that way. As for me, I’ll keep my bank account stocked up a bit and my credit in check. I’ll stay hopeful for “change” because it’s what we need. In a place where two of the same can’t marry and wage gaps exist, something has to be different and that’s just the gist.
But what can we really do in reality, except sit back and watch the circus. As the lions roar we’ll just pick some more cotton candy.

If wanting to help the working class makes me  a liberal (with a negative connotation), I’ll take it as a compliment. Why must we label everyone and everything? I at least hope there are peanuts in my Planter’s bag and I know not to put my hand near the blade. I know hot temperatures burn, and ashes are in an urn. I know just how much monetarily I own.
It’s not a lot but it’ll do just fine. I’ll hold on to this 169,000 mile car of mine.
What can I really do in my life, I’ll sit back and watch the festivities. Pop another bottle. Enjoy the sunshine.