Andy Petonak discussion assignment 1


“I’d rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous.” -Ani Difranco
“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”-Janis Joplin
    Both of these quotes speak volumes to me, not only as a writer, but as a sensible human being. The first quote is especially important in the career field as a journalist. In any facet of journalism, you must ask yourself if running a “really great story” would compromise your values, reputation or close relationships in any way.
    Secondly, if the killer story would ruin any or all of these things, is it really worth it? I, for one would like to make a ton of money in my career, but I would not be able to live with myself knowing I really shorted someone else to get there. Although this is a noble thought, I know not everything I will do in life will be completely perfect, as humans are not perfect.
    If I can write, take a few neat trips and pay some bills, I’ll be a happy camper, whatever that may mean. I joke a lot, but in all seriousness I do rely on myself a lot because I know exactly what I am capable of and I try to push that limit everyday.
    Even though my mom still brings over dinner at least twice a week, I am pretty independent. Since I moved out, on my own, I can understand how important my self-worth is. I can deal with others letting me down, and selling themselves out but if I were to either I would have a hard time forgiving myself.
    It is really sad how some people sell themselves out to just make a few bucks. From the latest Hollywood bimbo, to the scantily clad literally selling themselves it is terrible. I mean how could you face yourself and say “wow, my ancestors must be really proud.” If you can do either of those things and still feel good about yourself more power to you.


About Trish Reznick

Writer. Pessimistic optimist. News junkie. I write real estate advertising pieces, but my heart's in music journalism. To make the real estate biz more exciting I put music references in to a good percentage of my writings. I guess you could call me a liberal. I have an extensive record collection and I prefer them over MP3s any day... unless that particular day I plan on leaving my apartment. Considering I'm an extrovert, that is quite frequently. I'm a scorpio...which is a nice way of saying I have intense mood swings... I thought that was just called being a chick.

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