I can’t wait to be a senior citizen


Just the title alone sounds endearing. Senior citizen. Think about it, senior in high school, that meant you were top dog in a place that harbored at least three other grades below you. If you decided to go to a four-year college the senior title carried the same connotation: you paid your dues and made it to the final step of this glorious occasion in education and soon you get to go on to bigger and better things. As far as a senior citizen goes, the benefits are far greater.

You paid your dues in life. You worked the cruddy jobs and hopefully made an impact on the world, and even if you didn’t you can still be grouchy and mad at the world as if you did and not a lot of people would even know the difference! Senior citizen discounts on Tuesdays, young’ins holding doors open for you everyday, and Hell you can say whatever you want with little to no backlash because you earned your right to freedom of speech! When you’re a senior citizen you appreciate the little things in life, and I learned this firsthand when I was Christmas shopping for my grandma.

Old people absolutely love hardtack candies. Starlight peppermints. Butterscotch candies. Werther’s. I can’t even begin to count how many old timers I know who always have an artillery of those little round bits of heaven. I may even begin to carry them around myself. Anyway, I couldn’t decide what to get my grandmother for Christmas. Maybe a cutesy wall plaque? No, that was the nature of the gift I got her for her birthday, and last Christmas and the birthday before that… What I finally decided on was quite possibly the best idea ever. A box of tissues that had a virus shield or something built in to them and a boatload of assorted sugar free hard tacks.

I don’t think I have ever seen my grandma so happy for a Christmas gift. Maybe I’m just tooting my own horn but it was a darn good idea, and what I learned was the little things in life can make the biggest difference, and if that’s what getting old means I’m all for it.


About Trish Reznick

Writer. Pessimistic optimist. News junkie. I write real estate advertising pieces, but my heart's in music journalism. To make the real estate biz more exciting I put music references in to a good percentage of my writings. I guess you could call me a liberal. I have an extensive record collection and I prefer them over MP3s any day... unless that particular day I plan on leaving my apartment. Considering I'm an extrovert, that is quite frequently. I'm a scorpio...which is a nice way of saying I have intense mood swings... I thought that was just called being a chick.

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