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It’s the first thing I ever got all by myself. A place to call my own without Mom and Dad’s approval, because I am now a “responsible adult” which sounds strange but when put in to context I guess it holds true.

My mother’s jaw dropped when she opened the door to my new apartment. Shag carpeting, velvet wallpaper, and 30 years of cleaning the previous occupant had ignored.

I saw the potential for a good thing under the disintegrated wallpaper. A week that seemed to last a lifetime later I had it all figured out, with a little help from my friends.

During those seven days, the earth and it’s inhabitants were not created, but a bachelor pad was converted to chick-friendly living quarters.

Even though it was MINE and mine alone Mom still had tons of direction she intended me to strictly follow.

  1. The broom should go in the closet in the living room so it is out of sight
  2. Keep this place clean
  3. No matter what I will insist on doing your laundry
  4. I will send home cooked meals over but I expect my Tupperware back in a timely manner
  5. If I don’t receive my Tupperware back you get nothing (as if I had stolen “fizzy lifting drink”)
  6. Expect visits from us, your parents
  7. Dishes should be done daily
  8. Make sure you sleep enough

These rules were not written, they might as well have been but they were advised in a very motherly way, using the power of suggestion.

Rules in motherly terms:

  1. “You know a good place for this would be in this nice little closet.”
  2. “Your aunt, grandmother, and I helped a lot with getting this place ready.”
  3. “Since the laundry mat across the road closed, you’re just better off having me do it for you because you get busy.”
  4. “Here’s leftovers that I don’t want to go bad, and I just got these nice new containers for them…”
  5. “If you don’t give me the containers back, I’ll have nothing to put stuff in for you.”
  6. “We’ll have movie nights and such once you get settled in, or if we’re near by we will just stop by.”
  7. “You live by yourself so if you just keep up on these plates and such you’ll be good.”
  8. “if you stay up late, you’ll pay for it the next day, and you don’t want to waste an entire day sleeping… unless you need it then it is fine.”

I, of course had my own set of rules:

1.The broom can go anywhere because this is my home( the middle of the kitchen floor, just so I could see the look on my mother’s face)

2.I clean when I have time, mostly after I have a few friends over and we knock a few back

3. I will suggest I will come over and do laundry, but it is expected you’ll just end up doing it anyway

4. Home cooked meals are great even though I know how to cook , but I intend on forgetting your containers

5. I will continue to forget your containers, but eventually I will get them back to you

6. I will be more than happy to see you and Dad but you are not getting a key to my house

7. I will leave at least one dish in the sink at any given time, because it is my God given right

8. I stay up too late “studying” and sometimes pay for it in the form of a headache

My mom summed it up the best when I thanked her for doing my laundry, picking up a few little groceries, dropping off dinner, and coming over for a movie, “that’s what moms do,” and me letting her do my laundry is my way of saying I may be grown up but I still need her.


About Trish Reznick

Writer. Pessimistic optimist. News junkie. I write real estate advertising pieces, but my heart's in music journalism. To make the real estate biz more exciting I put music references in to a good percentage of my writings. I guess you could call me a liberal. I have an extensive record collection and I prefer them over MP3s any day... unless that particular day I plan on leaving my apartment. Considering I'm an extrovert, that is quite frequently. I'm a scorpio...which is a nice way of saying I have intense mood swings... I thought that was just called being a chick.

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