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Andy Petonak


Andy is the type of guy who is all over the place, and needs constant reassurance that he is needed. Socially awkward is probably the best way to describe him in a nutshell but that does not capture him completely.
It is so easy to judge someone on such little things like the way they dress, and write them off as an intelligent human being. Based on how Andy dresses, we can accurately gather that he worries more about his values than how he appears to others.
Andy is the nerdy kid that everyone made fun of in middle school. Andy is the un-cool guy with the Uncle Jesse hair who pokes fun at himself. Andy has a moral compass that would rival the pope’s, speaks softly, and ALWAYS does the right thing; which makes him such an easy target.
I remember the first day I met him, this was the first time I also realized he was a living, breathing, fashion faux paus. Black shoes with white socks, and he is not Michael Jackson. Who does he think he is? I turned to my classmate, and my thoughts came pouring out of her mouth, “Andy white socks, really?”
Naturally, we were in the famous circle formation in the back of the classroom when this took place. “Gang, can we head to the circle.” I can’t hear those words without cracking a smile. Andy’s rationale is that by removing desks, and computer screens, we would be more vulnerable, yet more apt to share. I hate to admit it, but he is right.
While working on a lab, Andy was looking over my shoulder and says “Don’t worry, Trish, it’s just me.” I am unsure who else it really could have been and maybe he knew something I did not, like some guy just stalks me and reads over my writings.
The best word to describe Andy is awkward. He is almost too polite for his own good. In a situation where someone would casually sit next to a classmate, Andy will ask “may I take this seat next to you, and move your personal belongings?” In a world where we are all in a hurry, and we misplace our manners Andy just does not fit in, and that may not be such a bad thing after all.


Bad First Impressions


After this happened, I made a solid promise I would never make fun of campus security, but I still do. I always tend to make poor first impressions, but my first experience with campus security trumps anything else.
Losing something; we have all done it, or had it happen to us. You can lose your job, spouse, mind, or even car keys like I have done many times in the past.
When you lose an object, the place you find it is often way more embarrassing than not being able to unlock whatever it is you needed to keep safe.
There I was, first week of college, proud of myself for conquering the jungle that is high school, on my high horse and heading home after my classes.
I was walking on sunshine, and nothing could bring me down. Looking forward to driving home with the windows down, music up, dodging 18-wheelers, and so on.
My car keys were the only thing holding me back. I ALWAYS put my keys in my purse, but apparently leaving them in the ignition and locking the doors to keep them safe seemed like a better idea at the time.
After a few dozen hurried phone calls to my mom, dad, brother and anyone else I knew, I felt defeated. Even one of my artsy friends couldn’t break in to my car, I think today’s criminals are slacking.
Finally, my older brother returned my phone call, which he NEVER does. A college veteran himself, had been in my shoes in more way than one.
He informed me in so many words, the only good criminals on campus are on the security crew.
The same people who wait for unsuspecting college kids to light up a cigarette so they can get money from them not following the purpose of the designated smoking gazebo were actually there to help me?
Oh how the mighty have fallen! I swallowed my pride and feared the outcome…having to admit to someone else my stupidity.
These types of stories are never funny at the time if you are the one it happened to.
After an eternity, some paper work and a legal break-in later, I could finally leave.
I am forever in debt to campus security for helping me out.
I also curse when they write me a ticket for parking outside the lines, when my professors teach me to think outside the box.
They just do their job to make everything run smoothly, and I’ll continue to make their work cut out for them.